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Radical Innovations in Wound Care Management

Coordinating Wound Care across the entire patient flow

Dermatoo® helps organizations improve wound management across a wide range of stakeholders by facilitating the follow-up of wound care.

Data driven solutions for patient and treatment management

Get a quick overview of your patient condition and the status of their treatment. Decide the best follow up option in collaboration with your medical teams.

Shared automatic wound documentation

Automate wound documentation with a fantastic tool to store and sort medical images. Get fast access to patient history and medical logbook of the wound with our intuitive triage system.

Multi-site collaboration made easy

Coordinate care across your organisation by sharing your health protocols instantaneously. Communicate the status of your patients to specialists even if he is away from your local site.

Promote Hospital at Home & Home Care

With an increasing prevalence, easily manage your patients between on site hospitalisation, local Wound Clinics, Hospital at Home settings and Home Care. Easily collaborate with your care network and decide the best flow for your patients.


Send images, log wound history, and share your expertise with the medical team following your patients.


Transform your therapeutic solution to a digital product, provide real life data to engage your customers and add value to your offer.


Make the best decisions about your patients by having a clear view of their condition and follow them within their care network.

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