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Dermatoo is positioned on a fast-growing market in full transformation

The Wound Care market size is currently estimated to be between 15 and 21 billion USD with a steady CAGR of 4% .

This market experiences a deep transformation, and four drivers are leading this change towards a fast-growing demand for new wound care solutions:


Increased prevalence of complex wounds

The current prevalence of complex wounds is 1 to 2% of the world population.
This trend is amplified by changing demographics, an ageing population, and the spread of diabetes

Decreased availability of wound expertise

While the number of patients is increasing, the amount of healthcare personnel able to treat them is decreasing.
Wound care specialists are also in high demand with less and less available dermatologists, vascular surgeons, and geriatrics,

Healthcare transformation towards decentralization

The home care sector for wound management is expected to grow by almost 20% worldwide and this significant increase in home care services is expected to drive the growth of telemedicine services for wound management in the future.

Economic pressure on healthcare

Better handling of material costs (20%), nurse time (30%) and hospitalization (50%) through a better handling of therapeutic strategies, medical teams’ workloads, and outpatient solutions are required. This requires new solutions for patient follow-up and data analysis.


The hospital of the future is not a physical place with waiting rooms, beds, and laboratories. Rather, it will be a network with nodes and connections. A system that allows continuous monitoring of patients, wherever they are, so that care is provided where and when it is needed . In this environment, attracting and retaining patients within a care network is becoming a key issue for healthcare institutions.

Do you want to contribute to our vision?

The digitalization of wound care management answers the many challenges of this market and Dermatoo is positioned right on this segment.